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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cool Cat

I have THE coolest cat. :) We got Dallas about 3 1/2 years ago, purely by chance. One of the staff I did tech support for is a cat foster parent for the Humane Society. On this day someone had picked up this young cat off the 215 freeway where it appears someone dumped him. They'd brought this cat into her at work - and she left me in her office with him. I've never been a cat person, I grew up with dogs. This cat is sitting on her desk staring at me as I was working on her computer; when turned to talk to him, he calmly placed a paw on my face and left it there, waiting for me to pet him. That was it, her plan worked... I picked up Dallas from her the next day, after my husband agreed to our new pet.

He is pretty much king, and has expected us to treat him as such! He has always been loving, but it was always on his terms - until our baby girl Madison was born. He wasn't quite sure where he fit, and why was this hairless cat screaming so much!! We made sure he knew he wasn't replaced, and that we still love him just as much as ever, but he changed. He's now very loving just about all the time - he enjoys following me from room to room (mostly when the hairless cat is not around), and can't get close enough to me. Madison and Dallas have a pretty good relationship - she adores him and wants to play with him all the time. He will tolerate her attempts at petting him, her need to play with his tail, and simply walks off (okay, sometimes darts off) when she squeals too loud or he's simply had enough. I know when she gets a little older, they're going to be the best of friends.

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An80sNut said...

I thought about getting a cat once. Ok, I thought about adopting my brother's two cats as their baby is almost here. I figured that I really can't give them enough attention to make it worth their while. I also would hate to have to ask someone to watch or feed them if I'm gone for some time. Not that I've been really going anywhere recently.