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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Top Ten Reasons I Still Love Metal/Hair Bands

Disclaimer: I know not all metal bands were hair bands. BUT – they did all have the hair. So where’s the line? It’s pretty thin in some places… so I tend to blur them all together. I mean no offense by putting AC/DC in the same category as Stryper. :)

10.They were as concerned about their hair as I was in the 80's.

9. You never have to worry about being underdressed at a concert.

8. It brings back really good memories about cruising the Las Vegas strip, way back when…

7. There is no guitar sound like that of metal/hair bands. Real guitar. You can’t find guitar like Slash or Eddie Van Halen behind Brittany Spears or Nelly. (I know, I know. Slash makes guest appearances in the weirdest places. Guess the guy had to make a buck somewhere before Velvet Revolver came along.)

6. Two words: Tom Keiffer. Yum.

5. Hair bands are all about the fun. The epitome of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

4. It’s the best music to drive to, hands down.

3. Because Van Halen simply kicks ass.

2. It’s possible to listen to a great ballad without tuning to an easy-listening station.

1. Metal is timeless. I still get the same rush listening to old AC/DC. Old Wham! tunes just don't do it.


An80sNut said...

I can agree with most of your points. (Dunno about the Tom Kieffer thing though.) But here I never took you for a metal head, hon. Had to be before Tori Amos came into your life. hahaha

LoraLoo said...

Wow I actually pulled off the closet metal head scheme?

Tori Amos? Are you kidding? That stuff will age you long before you're ready. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to see Van Halen on March 9th and plan to enjoy every minute of it with no apologies to Perl Jam or any one else that doesn't get what "hair bands" are all about.