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Monday, April 25, 2005

I do like Mondays

I do like Mondays for a couple of reasons. I've had some rest, and the weekend recharge allows the energy to tackle anything coming at me with force. I finished a major server deployment this morning, and it actually went off without a hitch. I'm so glad it's over - a whole lotta stress has been erased from my workday. I've been working on this project for quite awhile, and I tend to carry things that aren't complete yet around in my head. It's the control freak in me.

The weekend was pretty darn good. We changed Madison's bedtime to 8pm, because she's been waking up at ohhh, 4ish - and that is just not acceptable. I think she is going to be much like me - why sleep when there are so many things to do? I'm okay with the later bedtime, that's just more time to spend with her and get some other things done before the bedtime rituals begin. Soon enough she'll be eating what we eat for dinner, so I'm going to start cooking before she goes to bed.

I am going to try to get a picture posted today.


An80sNut said...

I actually bet you've been making a list of all the different types of foods that you can make to expose her to as much as possible. B)

LoraLoo said...

Ah you must remember the list queen that I am. She is moving so fast into being a toddler, I am amazed at how quickly these new little people learn things.