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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Let's Go To Carnivale

Is anyone else as addicted to this show as I am? This is, by far, the best HBO series ever (and that says a lot against Sex and the City). Okay, so the comparison to Sex and they City is probably poor. They are so far apart on the spectrum - but both are so entertaining, only on different levels. It's so bizarre, creepy and just damn deep. There is at least one "Ohmagod" moment every single week.


I've not seen last Sunday's show (3/13) yet, have it stored on the dvr to watch before this coming Sunday. There are two shows left this season - and I do believe they are the last two shows. Seems like they're going to answer all of the questions we've been asking since the show started (they've already started shedding the light).


Teri said...

I haven't watched this show. I hate when you wait all season for them to "shed some light", then they cancel the show. They did that to me on one of my favorite shows years ago called The Pretender. I am still waiting for closure :)

An80sNut said...

My friend Dion is hooked on Carnivale. I'll probably buy all of the series when it comes out on DVD (I remember seeing the first season was out already.) Freaky stuff. I remember reading about the actress that plays the Scorpion lady. Really interesting story that she was a news anchor at a California station but her hands would always be below the desk but now she embraces the fact that she can be herself. Yet, a group promoting rights of the disabled has been upset she is doing the show because they feel it sends a message that "freaks" belong at the circus. Bastard political hacks! B)

LoraLoo said...

There's a lot of talk there's going to be a third season. I'll know this weekend when the "Season Finale" (as HBO is billing it) airs.

LoraLoo said...

Karl told me about the Scorpion lady - she was an anchor out of San Diego, where he grew up.

These activist groups are getting out of hand; it is, after all, FICTION! If you don't like it, change the damn channel.