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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I created a new chore chart for Madison this week - and I've gotten some questions about what I have her doing and how it works.  Let me start by telling you how I got here...  I was paying her $7 flat per week for chores, but finding that I was spending a ridiculous amount of time hounding her to actually do those chores.  So, I talked with a few other parents to see what they're doing, and my favorites resembled how her Dad, a mechanic, gets paid.  He only gets paid for what he actually does, no hourly wage.  If you stand around doing nothing, you're not making any money!  What I've done is provide a list of wage earning opportunities and compensation for each time she completes the chore.  If she was to complete everything on the list, every day, she could earn $28 or more per week.  So far, it's going pretty good.  She is working on items to add to the list to make more money - we're in negotiations now.  I want to see she's serious about doing what's already here before adding more.  

Here's a copy of the chart seen in the picture:

For Dishes and Laundry - if she does the dishes AND puts them away, it's .50 for each instance.  Each load of laundry would be $1.00 - the possibilities on laundry days are endless, LOL.  I'm hoping this works long term, it's time she becomes gradually more responsible and participates more around the house.

Have you tried this with your kids?  Any differences?  Success rate?  


Martin Hennessy said...

Love seeing that. We tried something like that with David. Dave Ramsey has a book series called Financial Peace Jr. which also has a "commissions" plan very much like what you put up. It just brought back memories seeing it. Hope it goes well for both you and her. B)

Nik said...

This is such a great idea! I dig that it is up to her to determine what she wants to do and/or how much she wants to earn. The only potential downfall to this: how do you address it if she decides she doesn't want to do any chores anymore and doesn't care about earning the money?