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Friday, October 09, 2009

What's On My iPod

Dave Matthews Band - "You and Me" - I picked up DMB's latest album, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, I've been enjoying it quite a bit. The whole album as a whole is very sweet and schmoopy, this song definitely embodies it. :)

Third Eye Blind - "Don't Believe A Word" - So these guys released a new album in August - did ya pick it up yet? It delivers! This is one of the new releases from said new album, titled "Ursa Major". Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer, has been in the top 2 of my top 5 list for about ten years, but he still won't return my calls. Damn.

Keyshia Cole - "Trust" - I haven't heard much from this lady that I don't like... she has a very strong voice. this one takes the tempo down and little bit.

Mariah Carey - "I Want to Know What Love Is" - I am a bit surprised at my reaction to this remake of an original Foreigner song. I mean Foreigner vs. Mariah Carey? Right? But it's good. Give it a listen.

Mullage - "Trick'n" - Never heard this guy before the other day, but I find that a lot on Sirius radio... anyway, it's a great head-bobbin' song. I've been in an ultra r&b/rap mood lately.

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BeckEye said...

The only one I know on this list is that Mariah Carey cover. I weep.