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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Painting... for the last time.

I have had the busiest weekend - we decided to finally paint the last room in the house not yet painted, the master bedroom/bathroom. I'd put it off forever, and it wasn't so much that it was a lot of space as it was just a lot of work, it's not just four walls and a doorway, ya know? We have 5 doors in this area alone, if that gives some perspective. We started Friday night by just taping things off and moving things out of the room - here's a look at some of the before shots:

We did have one casualty from this experience - Karl tried moving the bed by himself, but apparently pulled on the frame a bit too hard, causing the frame to split, and it can't be repaired. I'll be heading out to buy a new frame tomorrow, but for now, we've got the ghetto bed (LOL):

Karl had to work on Saturday so I did the bathroom and master closet myself that day (minus the ceiling edging), and I rolled the bedroom today while he completed the ceiling edging in the whole space. Here's a view of the finished product (I tried to get the same angles as the before shots):

We learned a few things this weekend:

1. There truly is not a single straight edge in this house. It infuriates me the crappy craftsmanship in homes built anymore.

2. I am done painting rooms. I'm not a DIY person - I'm more than happy to pay a professional. My parents always painted their own house, so it was what I knew. Now I know I definitely don't wanna do that again. Ever.

3. Textured walls suck! I get the purpose, but wow it's a pain in the ass to roll paint over. I was doing touch-up forever.

4. Don't move heavy furniture by yourself. Our sleigh bed is gonna cost us about $500 to replace tomorrow. Thankfully it was the bed frame and not his back.

5. We definitely need to replace all the floor boards in the whole house. We're gonna wait a bit for that, it's gonna be costly, but it needs to be done. Our next big project is to replace the carpeting, so we'll probably do it then.

I still have a few things left to do tomorrow, but for all intensive purposes, the house is finally back to normal. I took this opportunity to organize the closet and filled 3 lawn bags full of clothes and "stuff" we don't need. That part felt sooooooo good, cause I'm very much a minimalist! I can't even wrap my head around how much was in that closet!

How was your weekend?
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Daisy said...

I totally remember that same scenario when we painted our crazy "vegas" house!
I stepped over from Fear & parenting. It's so great to meet other LV bloggers.

Vegas Princess said...

Ugh. I can not even tell you how angry it makes me that nothing in our house is straight. And our floors bend and weave too. Las Vegas construction is so shoddy.

And textured walls are a pain. Every where I turned I saw more qhite dots. Which is why I only painted one room!

I love the blue, so very soothing and calm. Perfect for a bedroom. :)

JoeinVegas said...

The blue is nice. Sorry about all the work, but think of what you would have paid someone, and the quality of their work. That's one reason we do so much, when I have somebody else do something it's never quite as quality a job as I want.

Fred said...

The Missus and I painted the entire house a few summers ago, and I'm in complete agreement with your list. Unlike you, we left the master bedroom bathroom undone. Since I don't wear my glasses in there most of the time, it looks just fine to me.