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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is It TMI?

Question: Is it possible to update your Twitter and/or Facebook status too much? Are we sharing too much personal nothings with the world? Do people really care that we're too full from dinner?

I've seen satire and news articles alike who say we're "too connected", and underwhelming each other with a whole lot of information about nothing, numbing ourselves from real "news". (Personally, I don't see the media as a whole very credible anymore, just sayin'.) Still, I wonder if we're inundating ourselves with so much information...what's too much?

This post stems from a conversation with a friend, we were discussing gender differences in such behaviors as Twitter and Facebook. He had the opinion that there's some kind of man-card rules about Tweeting and changing your FB status too much. It's a girl thing. ? Is it? I think that generally women do reach out and touch the world more, but is it wrong if guys announce their whereabouts during the day? Are there gender specific subjects we should stick to (i.e., it's ok to tweet more about sports, but less about your feelings if you're male)? What do you think, Internet?

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Vegas Princess said...

I do notice my girl friends update more frequently than my guy friends so maybe there is some truth to that.

jiggins said...


jiggins said...

i'm just a wanna-be nerd though.