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Friday, August 14, 2009

What's On My iPod

Evan Taubenfold - Boy Meets Girl - Have ya heard this song? It's a love song with bands/songs/pop culture from the 80's riddled in the lyrics. Okay, it's catchy... catchy enough to get me to download it. Then, I watched this video. I'm probably old enough to be this kid's mom, sheesh - and I thought how odd, cause well, maybe his parents get the lyrics, but how could he?

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever - What a cute song! This came out sometime in the late 90's, right? Anyway, I loved it then and came across it again in the last week. The video, meh...

Kid Rock - Cowboy - So truthfully the only reason this song is here this week is because it has "Cowboy" in it. NFL, BABY! I looked at some of the Dallas Cowboy videos on You Tube and the best I found was the Toby Keith song "Shoulda Been a Cowboy", which somehow became the theme song for the Cowboys in 1992. Yeah, I know, it makes perfect sense. But it's a country song, and I did listen... and yeah, my ears are bleeding.

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me - This video is an entire teen movie wrapped up in 3.5 minutes! (Seriously, but it's pretty cute.) Yeah, I know, I followed up my country bashing with Taylor Swift, whose songs are on the country charts too. I really don't see her as a country singer, but if you do, I get it... she's not the twangy, IMO.

Van Halen - Love Walks In - One of my favorite Van Hagar songs - interesting video, as Sammy is playing guitar and Eddie is on keyboard. I have good memories attached to this song. :)

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Paticus said...

I remember Toby Keith made a Dallas Cowboys version of "Shoulda Been A Cowboy" for the opening of a Monday Night Football game between the 'Boys and the Iggles. Maybe in '93 ? I have it on videotape somewhere, it was pretty cool.