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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Robber's Roost Trail - Mt. Charleston

Today Madison and I got up early and headed up to Mt. Charleston for another hike... this time we went to Robber's Roost. It's a very short hike, a one-mile loop - I found information online that called this a "moderate" hike, but it was actually pretty easy (probably because it's so short). There's a legend behind this trail, it was supposedly a place where horse thieves and trail robbers hid out after gaining their bounty from travelers on the old Mormon road sometime around 1885. I can see why, there are lots of caves and areas to corral and hide horses. We also saw a lot of squirrels along the way, I did manage to get a couple of photos, and you can see them over at Flickr. On the way back we stopped at the Mt. Charleston lodge for a snack... it was such a beautiful day on the mountain!

Here's some pictures:

Here's one at the very end of the trail before it loops back - if you're brave there's a lot of rock climbing to be done up here, but we weren't even gonna try.

This one is the trail on the way back. You can't tell in this photo, but a good portion of the loop on the way back is very narrow and high up (with a huge drop-off to the left). My fear of heights was messing with me a bit here, and it made me a bit nervous with a five-year-old, but some coaching to keep her to the right and take slow and steady steps did the trick.

Here we are at the end of the trail... it was an awesome hike!

How's your weekend been, Internet?

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Blasé said...

I've yet to hike up and down an trail. I need to do that sometime, I guess.

JoeinVegas said...

Glad you are teaching her about walking, hopefully it will stay with her.
Congrats on you doing such exercisie stuff too

Nik said...

Looks like a pretty cool place. I'd love to have trails like that around here to play on. MI's not a very mountainous place. lol Very cool pics, thanks for taking me w/ ya on your hike. :)