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Friday, May 22, 2009

What's On My iPod

Cameo - "Candy"
I picked up an Old School album yesterday and this song was on it. OMG, this video is so damn cheesy 80's, it's fabulous! I remember seeing these guys live once, they opened for LL Cool J once back then. WTF was up with the brightly colored cup the lead singer wore, anyway?! Good song, I'd forgotten all about it.

Blink-182 - "Dammit"
I just picked up their Greatest Hits CD yesterday, I LOVE this song! I was a late adopter to this band, and I have no idea why... This is one funny song, and I think we can all relate to it, no matter how old you are. They look SO young in this video! Doesn't even remotely look like Travis Barker on drums.

Mariah Carey - "Shake it Off"
I'll admit it, I like Mariah Carey. Her personal life might be wacky sometimes, but I don't care... the woman can sing. This is one of my favorites from her, nice video (it's a chick power song, IMO). I was pretty happy when she moved away from that whole adult contemporary genre back in the late 90's. I wasn't watching Vh1 yet, back then, LOL.

Johnny Kemp - "Just Got Paid"
This is on the same Old School album that the previously mentioned Cameo song is on. Do you remember this song? I remember cruising the Strip my senior year in high school, listening to this very, very loudly!

U2 - "Wild Honey" I'm a U2 fan, although not a big one. The album "All That You Can't Leave Bhind" album is one of my favorites - this is a sweet song, reminds me of the freedom and sometimes innocence of love.

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Fred said...

I need to check out the song from Cameo on YouTube. It sounds like I'd like it.