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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-Ball Practice

Thought I'd share a few photos from t-ball practice tonight... they did some throwing and catching practice:

Now I hope this isn't what she does in the outfield during a game:


Fred said...

I hope Madison buys you a house when she becomes famous. She looks great!

Nik said...

The kids look like they're having fun. I have very fond memories of my t-ball days. The pic of Madison practicing her outfield skills is hilarious. Good news is, since it's t-ball, she could actually get away with playing with dandelions for the most part. lol
Does she like it so far or is she just kinda ehh?

LoraLoo said...

Fred: Man, that would be nice! LOL I couldn't be a stage mom, but a sports mom? Yeah. (But not the crazy kind of sports Mom, LOL)

Nik: So far, she's just ehhhh... but they've not had a scrimmage or a game yet, so I imagine that might change when she grasps what the practice is all about.

Randy said...

LOL @ her taking time to smell the flowers. That pic is PRICELESS!