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Friday, March 13, 2009

What's On My iPod

Guy - "Wanna Get With You" - Guy was definitely one of those fun hip-hop old school bands. I remember playing this cassette over and over on the way to a camping trip in rural NV. Good times!

Planet Soul - "Set You Free" - The video is pretty much just a bunch of Windows Media visualizers, kinda trippy... goooooooood old clubbing song, it reminds me of the Shark Club. Remember the Shark Club, my Vegas old-timers? I was never much of a club girl, but I was always up for the Shark Club.

The Twenty-Twos - "Another Day" - This song is off the Grandma's Boy soundtrack. LOVE this movie, it cracks me up every single time.

Sara Bareilles - "Bottle It Up" - I like Sara Bareilles more every time I hear new stuff. This one isn't her latest release, I'm sure... but I've been listening to this one for the last couple of days. Very catchy, sweet, yet cheeky!

Jason Mraz with Colbie Callait - "Lucky" - If you listen to this song and don't like it, you have a dark, black crusty hole where your heart used to be. I've been listening to Jason Mraz a lot - I could say it was all Jiggin's fault for turning me on to more of Jason Mraz' catalog... but his music has really complimented my mood lately, so I can't blame it all on him. :)
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