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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


With all that I've had going on lately, my organization has sunk to a new level. My office, just overhauled in the last 4 months, is again showing real signs of neglect. My Inbox at work and at home is cluttered, and many emails still left unread. My to-do lists are multiplying! Tomorrow I need to set some time aside to reign in the chaos.

Are you an organized person? If yes, how do you stay organized? If no, how have you tried to get organized, or do you prefer the chaos?


jiggins said...

If anything i do is considered organized.. someone needs to tell me. lol. I can't organize my left shoe!

It is just not who I have ever been..though I have improved over the years.. the chaos that once was all over the place is in many different containers.

I will tell you, that aside from emails and to-do lists... i just have to start somewhere and get through it. I mean, i will completely deconstruct something and re-assemble it before i can organize 1 shelf. I am just like that. it's a pack-rat, control-freak thing.

This time of year i usually just decide what i do not need or use. I sell it or donate it. that helps a lot. but organized.. like with labels and a system, i am not.

Angi said...

when I used to work I was very detailed and organized at work. now things are an organized chaos - meaning certain areas will appear neat, but it's just for show. I'd love to clean this house and once and for all get things put up where they belong - but whenever we set plans to do just that, something else comes up. So I'd say that our house is "lived in" we clean up when company comes, but I am not a neat freak such as you. I just don't have the time or energy to clean all the cabinets and re-organize things even though I should. This is the downside to having nearly 4000sq ft. It's a lot of maintance inside and out!

Christina said...

I wouldn't say I'm "organized", but I generally have a pretty good idea where things are. I forget to pay a bill on rare occasions, and my checkbook balance is usually close but not right on. My house is definitely lived in, but cleans up pretty quick when necessary. I do make it to work on time 99% of the time, even when I have to drop my son off at preschool. So, I don't know, am I organized? i guess it's relative.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hi Lora! I miss the days when I could visit all my favorite blogs and leave comments, but life is too crazy right now.

I am an organized person and I realize its just how I am - its not something I aspire to be. I've had friends ask me to help them get organized which I gladly do (its fun!) but they typically don't stay that way because they are naturally unorganized which I actually envy sometimes (organized people can get so anal about things).

So, that's my two cents!

Nik said...

I'm an organized mess. If that can make any sense. LOL I have a mild case of OCD, so yeah, everything has it's place and I know exactly where anything I need/want is, but there's so much it just looks cluttered. If you ever saw my closet or my dresser drawers, you'd probably laugh at how incredibly anal I am. I never make to-do lists though, that equals commitment. lmao

Vegas Princess said...

I have to agree with Nik, I am an OCD organized mess. Everything has its place but there is a lot of STUFF! I love lists and crossing things off though. Big thrill.