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Thursday, March 05, 2009


So the bank-owned house next door is now selling for $129k. This house sold for more than $160k brand new back in 2001, and it's more than 500 sq. ft. bigger than ours. Sigh. Even our house sold for more than $129k brand new. It's a good thing I like this house, cause we're gonna be here for awhile.

I am hearing rumors that more major car dealerships will be closing their doors before this week is over.

You know it's bad when your financial advisor gives a "don't panic, but it's pretty bad" message in his weekly email.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride, folks. Hope you have your seat restraints on.


Randy said...

You don't help a guy make up his mind ya know! LMAO

Seriously....Things are tough all over. Wonder if it's 122112? YIKES!

JoeinVegas said...

As long as you can still make the payments, it's what you signed on for when you got the house.

Jessica said...

Scary stuff going on! :(

Alissa said...

The value of our house has dropped more than $30,000 dollars in the last couple of months! We are going to be stuck here in the hood much longer than we wanted to be!

Vegas Princess said...

We're stuck too and it sucks. We were only supposed to be in our house for two years and we are going on 4 now.

K-Mac said...

Man...I wish I were still heading to Las Vegas.