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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunshine and Smiles

Description unavailableImage by jimpg2 via Flickr

It felt like Spring today.... the sun was shining, I drove around town with my windows down, sunroof open, and I didn't need a jacket.

I'm not getting too excited yet, we could have another cold spell before it really starts to warm up... but it won't be long!!!

What happens that makes you feel Spring has arrived? Is it a particular bloom? The temperature? The change in daylight savings time?

For me, it's the smell of flowers. My backyard has several types of flowers, and the first time I walk out and this overwhelming smell of fresh flowers hits my nose, I get that familiar feeling. Spring! (We're not there, yet!)


Randy said...

For me it's when I can finally see the ground again....instead of the everlasting white sheet of snow.

Sheena said...

For me, it's the temperature. When I can still feel warm even with a breeze going, then I know spring is here! I can't wait! =) I'm hoping to catch the cherry blossoms in Virginia in April.

Jessica said...

Temperature, and the wonderful light when I get home from work! I hate getting home in the dark! Spring is the BEST! :)

Nik said...

It feels like Spring to me when I don't have to wear an entire layer of clothing underneath the outfit I'm wearing just to stay warm. It's colder than a hooker's heart today!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

We're almost there! Its nice that you have a yard with pretty flowers.