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Monday, February 16, 2009

Slightly Whiny Rambles

I have a sore throat, and I'm really, really hoping it's a weather/allergy thing. It's happened before, so I'm trying to stay positive... but it seems this crud is making its way around. You know I'm not feeling great when the new cable modem arrived today and my geek ass didn't rip open the box and install it already, LOL.

We were going to see "He's Just Not That In To You" for Valentine's Day, but that was kind of a DUH decision. Of course four billion other people were out to see movies that night, and I have this thing about being in a crowded theater, I really dislike it. So I opted for a few drinks and an early night instead. Maybe another time. We did have some pretty good Mexican food at Comacho's Cantina at the Aliante Station, and I washed it down with an apple martini... man I love those (but rarely drink them... they're full of sugar).

Madison and I did make it to see "Coraline" in 3D today - which was really, really good. Madison kinda missed some of the point to the glasses (she didn't wear them after about ten minutes), but seemed to enjoy the movie regardless.

I love the rain, and I think it's because here in the desert we don't see it much. However, after all this rain and cold in the past two+ weeks, I'm kinda done. I wanna know the anti-rain dance, cause I miss the sun! The silver lining, however, is that desert blooms are going to be beautiful in a few weeks!!

I'm feeling really whiny since I'm not feeling great (this is why I prefer being alone when I'm sick, I'm really a pain in the ass). So, I'm gonna go nurse this tea and head for bed... hopefully tomorrow I'll feel rested and realize it was all an allergy thing. Hope your week has started fabulously, Internet!

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Nik said...

Awwww, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is just allergies. Hope you feel better soon. I'll gladly take your rain over the snow we're supposed to get hit with starting tonight and lasting through the end of this week.