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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Star Wars Kid

So Coworker S. shows me these videos yesterday, and I laughed so hard that I almost blew my diet Mt. Dew all over the place (he enjoys making me laugh while chewing or drinking, how rude, right?). So there was this internet phenomenon called the "Star Wars Kid" back in 2003, and apparently I slept right through it, as I'd never seen any versions of this video. I told him I was going to post it, and he discouraged me, saying that you will all certainly ridicule me. Well, dammit, it's funny, and it's new to me...and that's all that really matters.

According to Wikipedia, "...a fourteen-year-old Quebecois high school student filmed himself wielding a golf ball retriever like a lightsaber in a similar fashion to that of Darth Maul. This video clip was found by some of his classmates and shared online through a peer-to-peer filesharing client. The student was taunted and criticized by his peers, eventually leading to a lawsuit. The video was one of the most popular videos on the Internet in 2003."

You wanna see the video? Here ya go.

Now that was funny, right? Well this video has been set to so many themes, and edited so many times, but this one is definitely my favorite.

Even if you've seen that before, you have to admit, that's damn funny. Note the care taken in editing. There's one set to Benny Hill that is really good, but Drunken Jedi takes the cake. Did you laugh so hard you snorted? Then my job here is done. :)

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Randy said...

O...M..G!!!! In 40 years he'll be starring in the new movie...the 60 year old VIRGIN!!! It'll be his E! True Hollywood Story.

On the up side...I bet he's been beat up so many times that he can take a punch like a champ!

Alissa said...

I had never seen that. Hilarious! That is one way to get your butt kicked in high school!

JoeinVegas said...

Thanks to the internets he will live on that forever. Imagine when his kids start asking 'Dad, I just saw a video clip . . .'

Any of you around?

LoraLoo said...

Randy and Alissa: I kinda feel for this kid, but since it happened so long ago, I was soooooo posting it. LOL

Joe: Yeah, at YouTube there are so many variations of the original I couldn't believe it. It will probably haunt him forever. There are and never will be embarrassing videos of me up there. I hope. I know some exist... LOL

jiggins said...


seriously.. the first one was embarrassing for him and me.. and you.. lol. The second was still embarrassing, but hilarious..and I be that kid was proud when he saw the editing. I just spit on my keyboard.

K-Mac said...

I remember this from a few years ago. I honestly felt kinda bad for him at the time. It's clear he was an awkward teen-ager at the time and I'm recall he was mortified by the attention, even the GenCon types who tried to look out for him.

Nik said...

Virgin for life! I cried from laughing so hard. This poor kid will forever be "that" guy. Oh my god this is too funny!