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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reacquaintance With Jack

We weren't going to do anything for New Year's Eve. It's too cold to do Downtown or The Strip; well let me first say that everyone should do both once, but I've done them, I'm good. I have always wanted to go to one of the hotel balls - just get dressed up in a gown and a tux and enjoy the experience, but that wasn't happening this year. The plan got changed quickly as Madison was staying at her grandparents' house and we were free to stay out all night if we wanted to, so we decided to head over to the Aliante Station and see what was going on. Karl was my designated driver, so he stopped at two or three beers at about 9pm, but I kept going, and going... and going... and I was making Twitter updates until Midnight. So I was feeling no pain, and smiling, and some of it is a little blurry today. I fell asleep somewhere around 3am and slept until 9:45 (the latest I've slept in at least 5 years).

Today I'm really not all that bad off, I stopped when it was time to stop so I was very coherent before going to bed, LOL. Just really lazy. Madison decided she wasn't ready to come home so she's gone until tomorrow. All this freedom today and I hadn't the inclination to do something with it. I did watch "Tropic Thunder" today, that was so hilarious. The demise of the director totally caught me off guard, that was crazy! I'm definitely going to buy that movie.

Tonight I'm staying at home, and I haven't decided what to do. Maybe play some Guitar Hero World Tour. Hope you all got your new year properly started! Happy New Year!


Ken said...

The battle scene in the beginning of Tropic Thunder was a little tasteless with the current military situations, but Tom Cruise was absolutely hilarious!

Fred said...

I'm playing the Wii game Call of Duty with the girls. D1 bought it and we've been playing it all day today. (Umm, yesterday, I guess.)

In reality, D1 and D2 have been playing it, and they let me get in a few minutes here and there.

Nik said...

I gotta meet drunk Lora. Sober Lora's awesome, so I can't imagine drunk Lora. Gonna have to set that up. Glad you had a good time and that you came out the other side unscathed. Happy New Year.

LoraLoo said...

Ken: Tom Cruise cracked me up, that was a total surprise.

Fred: Call of Duty is on the Wii? I had no idea!

Nik: I'm a seriously happy drunk, LOL. We are definitely gonna have to set that up. How 'bout some drunken Guitar Hero?

Nik said...

HA - drunken Guitar Hero?!?! You're speakin my language.

Vegas Princess said...

I kept my hubby entertained with your tweets all night. I especially loved when you moved from Diet Coke and Jack to straight shots of Jack and then pretty quickly came back to saying you were going back to Diet Coke. :)

LoraLoo said...

VP: Yeah, there were more drinks in there after I went back to diet coke, but I figured you guys got the idea, LMAO! I'm glad you guys got a laugh, that's what it was alllll about. :)