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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool New Blogs!

I can summarize a weekend update very quickly: Cleaning and errands. Lots of both happened this weekend, and that's about it.

Instead, I'm going to mention my favorite new blog: Humanus Augmentus. Jiggins is a gadget and technology kind of guy who enjoys checking out the new products and new ideas, and presents it in a reader-friendly, interesting format. This week he's been posting items that attracted his attention from the CES show here in Vegas, which I really appreciated, as I didn't get to go! I love reading and commenting, cause I'm geek like that. If you like electronics, gadgets, geekware, etc... check his place out!

Also, because I can do my own shameless plugs, I'm contributing to a new blog, called Addicted to the Office. This was Randy's idea, and a damn good one... so myself, Randy and Nik, three Office junkies, are gonna babble about Office stuff whenever we feel the need. So make sure check it out! WORD!
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jiggins said...

I'm sending this comment from my shiny new G1 phone which I have had for a short while now.. it keeps me feeling as though I am along for the information and technology ride. Along with the blog you mentioned, I attempt to stay in the technological loop as well as I can.

It's fun for me to write about the things that interest me in the technology and internet realm. All the new gadgets, and widgets and applications. Readers like Linda S. Socha and Charli that are always following along and commenting make it even more fun. Thanks for following and contributing to the site as well! ;) See you on the next post!

JoeinVegas said...

Oh my, so many things to read. Just how do you keep up with all of that Twitter stuff?

jiggins said...

There is a great application, among others called TweetDeck
.. that I personally use. It will help filter through your Twitter feeds and such. Check it out.. Stop by humanus augmentis for an explanation of Twitter:)

Molie said...

Love The Office, will definitely check out the new blog.

Randy said...

I have the BEST ideas!