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Friday, December 12, 2008

What's On My iPod

Petey Pablo - "Freek-a-Leek" - I just got a hold of this song today, and definitely one of those played best loudly. You'll find me listening to this while dancing around the house tomorrow, I get the headphones on and just dance and groove to keep the pace when I'm cleaning. I did just share that, didn't I. Heh.

Trina - "Don't Trip" - Oooooh I like this song. Again - Really loud. It features Lil' Wayne, if you're keeping track of the 4 billion rap collaborations out there. I've got a hip-hop/dance feel going this week.

Gavin DeGraw - "Follow Through" - This is my second song purchase from one album for Gavin DeGraw, and I really heart them both. I will probably just "follow through" and get the whole album, yuk yuk!

Fat Joe ft. Lil' Wayne - "Make It Rain" - Guess Lil' Wayne is going the way of Puffy and appearing on just about every album out there. I am, however, digging a lot of it, so I'll just shut up now and listen.

OK Go - "Invincible" - I have to be honest when I say I'm not a huge fan of these guys, they seem a little reliant on a schtik. This is one I have and actually like...


jiggins said...

Blog Award from Jiggins! Check @ con·tin·u·um for the details :) See you there soon!

Randy said...

Petey Pablo ROFL.....I forgot all about that dude till I read this blog. I need to go find a song now hahahaha

Fred said...

Just catching up on all the posts I missed. The car with Christmas lights is priceless.

I hope Madison is feeling better now. Nothing like a mermaid Barbie to make things all better.

jiggins said...

By the way. Gavin Degraw is one of my favorite Singers. I especially like the "Stripped" Version of 'Meaning' off his first album, and "In Love With A Girl" from his current album.. They are both in my Amazon store! Check m out!

WV: "sinningt"