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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Update

I must comment on the Cowboys/Steelers game by noting I was crying when my boys just gave them a touchdown with 1:40 left. This was a game they really needed to win, and I believe they choked - turnovers killed their game. Their defense was incredible until the end of the 4th quarter... did we just give up? Did they get cocky? I dunno, but they're going to have to step up to make the playoffs.

On to better things - Madison and I put the Christmas tree up today! Karl started on the lights outside but it started to rain pretty hard, so only the house itself got done, the trees/bushes aren't done yet so I'll take pictures when it's complete. Here's the tree (sorry it's a little blurry, my camera kept getting confused by the flashing lights):

I found my antlers in the decorations, and Madison is here sporting them (last year she wouldn't wear them, so we're making progress):

How was your weekend, Internet?


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

She is too cute! She keeps getting cuter by the day.

Sorry to hear about your team and thanks for the comments on my blog and about my cat.

Vegas Princess said...

She is adorable in those antlers! And your tree looks great. Almost makes up for your disappointing loss today. So sorry. :(

Nik said...

Your tree looks awesome, Lora. I like to see how people decorate their trees. Don't see too many people going w/ multi-colored lights anymore, though.

Madison is, of course, too cute w/ antlers.

LoraLoo said...

Barbara: Thank you!

VP: Thank you too!

Nik: Ya know, I wanted colored lights, I grew up with lots of colored lights. I lost that battle when Karl went to buy this tree himself that came with lights on it already.

JoeinVegas said...

Have you got antlers for yourself too?

jiggins said...

I haven't put up a tree in years, in my own home.. but it;s cool that you got one like that with all the flashy colors on it. We had a lot of color and ornaments that my Mom would find somewhere special and hang on the tree. She and my younger sibling still carry on the tradition of that tree.. I'll see it in a couple of weeks!

(no comment on the game :)

LoraLoo said...

Joe: No, actually she is wearing my antlers.

Jiggins: Before Madison I'd not really decorated for Xmas for more than a decade! The lights and celebrations are so much more exciting for the little ones, their lives are so wonderfully simple.

BeckEye said...

Well I WAS gonna do the gloating/smack talking thing, but now that you said you were CRYING, I guess I can't.

What the hell, that's no fair. There's no crying in football!!