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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SNOW! (Lots and lots of snow)

Yeah, that little joke about being able to visit the snow and leave it? Mother Nature thought it would be funny to bring on the worst snow storm in the Vegas Valley since like 1979 this afternoon. Here's the view at my house:

But isn't it cool? It's easy to say that, cause this stuff never lasts too long, and it's pretty and different. So I'm not whining. All Clark County schools are closed tomorrow... I imagine this city is going to be a bit crippled, as we never get snow and thus aren't prepared. We can't handle rain here on the roads, let alone snow!! It was an interesting commute home, and considering this snow is expected to stick for a bit, tomorrow's commute to work should be just as entertaining.

Stay Warm!


Nik said...

Oh man. Gotta watch what you say now, huh? Snow, cool?!? I guess it's okay for you to say since ya don't see it very often. That stuff you got though is child's play to us Norherners. lol

Hope you're staying warm and that your commute is a safe one.

JoeinVegas said...

Wait a minute - your last post said you could go visit the snow and then leave it. What happened?

Alissa said...

That's pretty awesome! I never would use 'snow' and 'Las Vegas' in the same breath!

Fred said...

Wow. Cool pictures. I hope Madison got out there and made a few snow angels.

Molie said...

LOL! Oh well at least Madison got to experience a rare Las Vegas snow storm.

That same storm that hit you is going to give us here in Boston up to a foot of snow later today.

Take care.

jiggins said...

Man..I was so ready to take SOOO many photos of this rare event..and I was all set and ready.. when i got to the Luxor .. it was WHITE! I actually laughed out loud and I was alone! lol.. then I realized there was no memory card in the camera : /

Brooke Hughes said...

Im in summerlin and we didnt get that much snow...that sucks for you...were do you live?

Charli said...

Hey there! It was nice to see you over at Broken Mannequin. Thanks for the thoughtful reaction. I really appreciate the support.

Also - I like your snow pictures. I live in New England and we are in the middle of a snowstorm too! It is very magical still. In a few weeks it will start to suck really bad. Then, when it is still going on in MARCH - it will be unbearable. But right now it's lovely!

Nice to meet you! Cheers!