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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sex Businesses In NV - Aren't Paying Taxes, Yet??

You may or may not know that prostitution is legal in every county of Nevada except Clark County and maybe Washoe County (where Las Vegas and Reno are, respectively). Brothels have been trying for some time to gain a better guarantee of their existence by offering to pay state taxes, and Nevada has been turning them down every single time:

Brothel Industry says "tax us", state says "No thanks"

Why? Ok, ok... no legislature wants to be the one to solidify prositution in this state, but why turn a blind eye? They're legal, they're not going away, and they're asking to be taxed. So do it, already... it's not like you're embracing the crack whore behind the Stratosphere. They're regulated and they already pay into their local communities, so why are we holding on to this notion of what they're about?! In fact, they're big contributors in fund raising and volunteering in some rural communities here. I remember when some of my family lived in Beatty, NV, and one of the brothels there made regular contributions to the high school there to buy uniforms, instruments, etc. The brothels are not going away, Nevada - so accept them, build an appropriate partnership and TAX them, damnit.


Randy said...

You mean I was supposed to be charging for my MAN SERVICES all this time?

K-Mac said...

That crack whore behind the Stratosphere knows her way around it....or so I'm told. :-)

Clay said...

Take the sin tax and give the hard working people (whores not included) a tax break! Geez!