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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ravens Played a Dallas High School Team, I Think

The Cowboys BLEW it tonight. Was the defense even on the field? Romo with the 66% completion wasn't all that fantastic either, but I don't think he cost them the game. It was the LAST game in Texas Stadium, and what an effing disappointment. The entire second half was spent almost catching up, then the defense would do something stupid and self-sabotaging! Can you tell I'm a bit pissed?


Randy said...

I wouldn't call em "Cowboys" after that game. Cowgirls? Rodeo Clowns? Flaming Gay Convicts? Overpaid & Overrated? I could go on for hours LMAO

Angi said...

Our neighbor is a big Cowboys fan and is from TX - one of her friends living there won some party bus and tickets to go to the game so she was invited to go, all she had to do was buy her flight out....so she was at that game. I'm pretty sure she burned her jersy afterwards as she said she'd do it if they lost.
What's worse is that even though the Saints won Sunday's game they are still out of the playoffs.