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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Blog Award Meme :)

I was awarded by a fellow blogger with the Honest Scrap award! Jiggins, one of my favorite fellow bloggers, was kind enough to send this my way. So here are the rules:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

Both lists are in no particular order. :)

10. When I was a little girl (3rd or 4th grade) I wrote a book, called "Cindy the Mouse". I wrote the story, made the illustrations, and my Dad typed it up on a typewriter for me. My elementary school library put it in their circulation for checkout! It was one of the proudest moments of my very young life. I wonder whatever happened to it (but honestly I don't remember what the story was about).

9. I have only realized in the last year that I have this tough persona that I hide behind unless I completely trust someone.

8. I am totally and completely ok with being alone, although I am very much a social butterfly.

7. For years into my current career I felt like I needed to prove myself in a very male environment. I still feel it from time to time.

6. I had a professor my senior year of college try very hard to recruit me into the MBA program, and I didn't even give it a second thought. I don't regret it... yet.

5. I am terrified of the dark. Even in my own house! There are nightlights everywhere.

4. I got interested in computers when I crashed my PC at work and figured out how to fix it (It was a 386 running Windows 3.1 - this was 1994). It literally altered my life path, as I was planning to be a journalist. Sometimes I wonder where I might be today had I not veered to the right?

3. I talk a lot with my hands. The more excited I get (or the more caffeine I've had), the more animated I get.

2. My senior year of high school, I failed Computer Science class. LOL! The teacher hated me because I was never on time. It wasn't a lack of respect for him, it was just that I didn't care about school in general. I'd switched high schools my senior year, it was not ideal. He was pretty convinced I'd not graduate with the F, but he was wrong, I didn't need the credit. Funny how life turns out...

1. I used to actually believe that love conquers all.

I'm going to tag 7 fellow bloggers because for one reason or another, they keep me reading every day! However, no pressure to repost, you're still here on this list for having an awesome blog! Honestly I could have added all of those I follow or have listed in my sidebar, this is quite a community I feel a part of.

Barbara, Writing From the Inside Out

Randy, Itz Randy's World

Sheena, Sheenanigans

Amy, Overthinking

Vegas Princess, Life, VEGAS Style

Nik, I'm going slightly mad!

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Vegas Princess said...

Awww, thanks! I love reading you too! And I haven't been tagged for anything in a while so I will be delighted to do this one.

Isn't it funny how certain small things in our lives change our course? I sort of fell into my profession as well.

Randy said...

You KNOW I love your blog. And you are my most favorite person in the whole wide world. And I totally and completely appreciate you in every way.

I'd do this but I don't know 7 bloggers LMAO

Nik said...

Very interesting, Lora. RE: #5, so are you Canadian then? LMAO (hope you saw last night's HIMYM, otherwise that's not gonna be funny). It would rock if the library still had a copy of Cindy the Mouse. I can completely relate to #'s 8 and 9. I still believe that although love doesn't conquer all, it can conquer most.

Anyways, I'm not fond of disclosing too much about myself, but I will do this. When I'm tagged I feel compelled to do comply. Besides, you've given me another push to work on being a better me, so yeah. I'll just have to think of some stuff to put on the list.

JoeinVegas said...

whew - missed that one

Fred said...

Thanks for not tagging me. That's the award I wanted most. :)

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I love your list...learned more about you! #2 is pretty ironic! If he could see you now....

Thanks for the tag I did mine :)

jiggins said...

I'm glad you liked this, I thought it was cool too.

I have an award with a white background on it, or you can get it from the re[frac]tion (refractedimages.blogspot.com:)page. I got one from Sharon @ Life is A Wonderland blog. Fun stuff!

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