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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Red Rock Hike

Madison and I went on a hike at Red Rock Canyon this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful morning - the perfect temperature for a hike, so we loaded up with water and snacks and set off. This was Madison's first hike; she loves taking walks with me in the neighborhood sometimes and I was pretty sure she'd love this! We drove to the Lost Creek area where they have a discovery kid's trail, it was about one mile round trip. Madison did have a great time exploring, and we even got to see the Lost Creek. I've added pictures to Flickr, but here's one where a very nice lady offered to take a picture of us:

Tonight I'm gonna get my dinner on, my drink on and some music on! Amy and I are going to dinner and see the Robin Thicke show over at Mandalay Bay.

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jiggins said...

Hey Lady! I remember you were going to Robin Thicke but I didn't realize that it was at House Of Blues until tonight. I work at Mandalay Bay in one of the restaurants.. I would have loved to buy you ladies a drink!

I was waiting on a table there.. and they were going to the show! Then I remembered you were going.. funny stuff. How was your show? Hope you had fun.

I like going to Red Rock.. what a nice memory of going hiking with Mommy that Madison will have. I suspect this wont be the last Red Rock Hike.


My verification word to leave this post is "sessesse" lol.. ridiculous. Why don't I ever get "Cat" or "Puppy?" I always get "sessesse" or "runthingolert" :)

LoraLoo said...

Jiggins: Sweet that you work at one of the restaurants there, I would have loved to say hello! The show was pretty good, I'll be posting on it shortly.

Red Rock is really an amazing place. I was amazed to see a creek running through there (all these years here and I had no idea), and Madison was appreciating the pretty red rocks. Do you ever hike up there?

Vegas Princess said...

I love Red Rock. Every time I go there I find some place new to explore!

Can't wait to hear your review of the Robin Thicke show. I would have loved to have gone to that. :)

jiggins said...

Hey Loraloooooo!

yeah i have been up to red rock.. but not in some time. I sued to live near the area.. and visited now and then. I have not seen a creek either ... r maybe I have... not sure. I do like it up there. I have also yet to visit the cabins in the mountains.

How was the Robin Thicke show?