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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Few Vacation Days

I'm off from work until Monday, and I'm just realizing I have 5 whole days off. What can I accomplish in the next few days? A lot of errands and prep tomorrow, Thanksgiving and football (Go Cowboys!) at our house on Thursday, and then... I'm open. Sweet. I know I'll still be lurking around here!

Are you traveling this holiday? Are you having to work? How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

If you're traveling... be safe.
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jiggins said...

I'm taking a few days off till Friday when I go back. It feels good to have time away to reflect on what you are, and where you are going - and to just decompress. I did some gym time, cleaning and then off to California for Thanksgiving! Very thankful that I have the resources available to do that. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving, enjoy the football.. and see ya right here when I get back!


Nik said...

I'm stuck working, but dinner at my mom's will be later in the day, so I won't miss anything. I wish I wasn't working, but it's not like I'll have to do anything, so easy money. Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one. Enjoy the days off too.

Randy said...

why isit the only word that comes to mind is......PART TIMER?!?! LMAO

Have a great holiday.