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Friday, October 24, 2008

What's on my iPod

Stevie B - "In My Eyes" - This is classic Freestyle, and one of my favorite 80's genres. I know I've posted one of his videos before... I saw him in concert in like 1989 with New Kids on the Block. Whom I totally plugged my ears while listening to, for fear they'd be scarred forever. I'm pretty sure Bobby Brown was on this tour too, before his life was a total mess. Oh, and this is when the big baggy drop-a-load pants were in. WTF were those all about, anyway? (I know you see M.C. Hammer in your head right now.)

Pink - "You Make Me Sick" - I shared this CD with a friend this week (it's entitled Can't Take Me Home). I hadn't listened to it in forever, and I realized I never gave this whole CD much attention, as I'd just ripped the popular ones to the iPod until recently. She has a pretty, soulful voice when she wants to. I also saw in this video that she's been making those into cheeky comedies since her early days.

Ne-Yo - "Miss Independent" - Yeah, I love it when songs are written about me. Wait...What do you mean, it's not about me?

Beastie Boys - "Body Movin" - Can you believe this song is in my iTunes' "Least Played" playlist? This is an awesome song! I'd never seen the video.... not bad.

Journey - "Faithfully" - I have such warm fuzzy memories when I hear this song. I heard this on the way home and totally sang along with all the windows down.

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