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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm sitting here watching my Cowboys, and they just went into overtime against the Cardinals. I figured now would be a good time to post, so I don't bite what's left of my nails off.

Yesterday we started the day at a Fall Fair at a local elementary school, where one of my nieces would be singing with her choir. It was a good show, but it was windy and cold, so we didn't stay long... after her outdoor concert we opted for lunch with a bunch of the family indoors at Red Robin, instead.

Madison is going to be part of the cheerleading team for a local high school next weekend, my sister Toni is doing some volunteer work and has organized this for the Homecoming game... So Madison is really excited and is gonna have to practice her cheers all week. Guess who's got to practice with her? Uhhh, yeah... that would be me. Go ahead, visualize that and laugh for a minute, it's cool.

I saw the movie Eagle Eye yesterday, and it was just ok. The storyline was awesome but it just didn't keep my full attention, despite the awesome special effects. It was also a little too military for me, I'm not all that hip on those kind of thrillers (but I will watch them). I'd recommend it as a rental.

It's only 60 degrees in Vegas today - and I'm NOT ready for Fall temperatures. I know, those of you back in Minnesota or even Utah are rolling your eyes - but we're supposed to keep upper 70's until the END of October. This cold front should go away and the temps will go back up for a bit, but damn... this really threw my workouts for a loop. I need to clear space in the garage for using the treadmill again, so I'm having to do the workout DVD in the house. I'm such an outdoor kind of girl, I'd really rather be outside!

It is Sunday afternoon, but I'm off tomorrow too! Maddy and I are spending the day together, I'm not sure what the plan is yet other than a trip to the library. It's only going to be 69 degrees, but if it's not windy we can get over to the park.

How's the weekend been for you, Internet?


Alissa said...

We saw Eagle Eye a couple weeks ago and I agree with you, it would have made a better rental.

Haha! It was 78 degrees here today! We certainly enjoyed it.

Have fun with cheerleading practice!

Vegas Princess said...

It has been WAY too cold too quick for me. Thank goodness it is back up to the 80's by Wednesday.

My weekend? Bad work and migraines. Not the best. Yours sounded so much more fun.

Paticus said...

my weekend was going fine until that overtime you mentioned at the beginning of your post.This team is much too sloppy,a nd someone needs to school Mr. Romo in "PROTECTING THE BALL". AAARGH!!
Well, at least it's happening in OCT. this season, so maybe they can fix it by December/January.

JoeinVegas said...

Can we have some video posts of the cheerleading duo? (please)