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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Four Wheels

We took Madison roller skating for the first time today. Ya know, I was really prepared for the worst, and I got pleasantly surprised. I'd talked to her before we left about not worrying if she couldn't do it right away, blah blah blah. She inherited patience from me, meaning there is no patience, so I was expecting her to get frustrated quickly and be done with the whole experience. She actually did quite well, she picked up standing on them and moving on them on carpeting instantly; it was the rink that gave her trouble (expectedly). So we took her around the rink holding her hand a few times, a few times she just held the wall and moved, but she never did fall. She did get frustrated but kept moving, and actually enjoyed herself. With a little practice she's gonna be on her own in no time.

She wants to go back and try it again. I'm so excited! I pretty much lived in roller skates in my youth, so I'm looking forward to teaching her and being out there skating too. As a side note, I probably broke at least 4 bones roller skating in my youth. When I mentioned the roller skating adventure to my Dad he asked me if that was such a good idea, as Maddy is as graceful as I was. Then again I did most of my skating on the street - living on an air base I could skate pretty much anywhere safely. The terrain is a little tougher on the street, and combined with my lack of fear and lack of grace... well, you get the idea.
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New White Keds said...

PICTURES!! Where are the pictures???

I could ice skate before I could roller skate, but man did I love my roller skates. I even used to skate to bowling league. Imagine, a portly kid, a 12 pound bowling ball and skating about a mile. I can imagine now that it was quite the sight.

I am totally looking forward to more of these stories!

Nik said...

Roller skating was soo much fun when I was a kid. I took my nephews a couple of times, but they closed down the roller rink. Now, there's no rink anywhere near us, which sucks cuz we had a great time. I think it's cool that Madison had enough fun to want to go again. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope she doesn't get too frustrated or break anything in the process. Remember the big poofy pom-pom things we put on the toes of our skates?

Fred said...

I used to love to take the girls when they were younger. It seems like all their friend's parties were at the skating rinks.

I grew up ice skating and played hockey in college. I really loved the skate but alas, my knee wouldn't be able to handle it anymore.