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Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's On My iPod

Dave Matthews Band - "Crush" - This band was an acquired taste for me, and when this particular song came out I wasn't all that impressed, but soon enough I went and bought quite a bit of their catalog. It's not my favorite from them, but good nonetheless!

The Police - "So Lonely" - Wow, I actually found a video for this song! It was filmed in Japan, and it's a bit cheeky (as I find the Police were back then). Good video. I'm pondering how high Sting's voice is, cause wow, his singing voice really is?!

Billy Joel - "Big Shot" - Surprised to find this one too, actually. I have to say that Billy Joel is and was a really decent artist but I don't find him to be this "master" that I hear so much? I think perhaps his song writing is his strongest talent. Although admittedly when his stuff comes on I think, "Wow, ok, this is good. I forgot about this..."

Midnight Star - "Freak-a-zoid" - This video cracked me up! The computer graphics are really bad, although at the time, they were state of the art. This song was always in the cassette player when my friends and I would cruise the strip!

Smashing Pumpkins - Guitar Hero World Tour - Ok this is NOT a music video but I found this little blurb interview with Billy Corgan regarding the band's part of the new Guitar Hero. I'm soooooooo buying this game! They're including quite a few new bands in the new release and if I remember it comes standard with three SP songs, with the ability to download a few more online. This will be only the 2nd game I'll really enjoy on that ridiculously overpriced PS3 I bought.

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Fred said...

I lost my iPod. I'm bummed.