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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

It's been quite a busy weekend around here...

Saturday my niece Breana came to spend some time with us. We all went to see "Fly Me to the Moon" Saturday afternoon, and although the 3D part was pretty different, it was a horrible movie. I so wanted my hour and a half back after that, and the girls got bored pretty quickly (which is a telltale sign of a bad movie, if the kids are done with it in the first half an hour). The storyline was bad, the animation wasn't all that great and the acting? BAD. It felt like all the actors who did this movie were never in the same room at the same time while reading their lines. From the theatre we went off to the library and the girls chose some books and movies and we came home. The girls had a blast playing dress-up, and doctor, and house...

Those of you who know me are probably laughing at the above picture considering my clean-freakness - but hey, let 'em play, and they always clean up when they're done. We had dinner and I read three books to the girls before they crashed at about 9pm.

This morning I got the girls up and we went to the park after breakfast. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the girls made the most of it.

Breana went home just before lunch, so we had lunch, played games, did some crafts and I got a little football watching in. There's still some time before the weekend is over, so Maddy and I will get outside to blow some bubbles while I grill dinner... I'm a little sore so I'm looking forward to my walk tonight - I missed four days while I was sick! The last two nights felt like I hadn't walked in a month, because I've never missed four workouts in a row. I must be getting old.

Tonight after my workout I think I'll have a beer and play some Mario Kart... if you haven't played this game, it's a must-have for your Wii!
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Fred said...

The girls beat me nightly at Mario Kart. (I let them, of course.)

I can remember going to some sort of musical and D3 told me how bad it was about five minutes into the show. We all agreed and soon were on our way home to watch a DVD.

I'm the same way about the cleanliness thing. When I walk into the girls' rooms, I have heart palpitations with all the piles of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and magazines invading their space.

Teleolurian said...

I am now imagining them playing Dress Up Doctor House, all mixed up, which is what happens when a family of princesses take turns declaring that each other has Lupus and then they beat each other with canes. You should introduce this game to them immediately.