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Friday, August 29, 2008

What's On My iPod

Ne-Yo, "Closer" - I'm a new fan to Ne-Yo, and I've been in this R&B/Rap phase lately. My music tastes go in waves sometimes; sometimes it will go from alternative, to metal, to rap, to alternative, etc. It just never goes to a country phase. :) Anyway, where was I? Oh, Ne-Yo. This is a good song, it's almost like R&B is getting back to that danceable-love-song-good-times phase.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, "Summertime" - Speaking of which, here is a perfect example of the good ol' days kind of R&B...

X, "Wild Thing" - I heard this rendition of Wild Thing this afternoon and I swear I hadn't heard it since the early 90's, and I don't actually have this one on my iPod (tragic, I know). Of course this is one song I can't find on Amazon, so I'll have to look elsewhere, but it sure as hell won't be on iTunes. I thought for sure I'd at least find it to download via a compilation CD... strange.

Colby O'Donis ft. Akon, "What You Got" - I downloaded this song, it's something I blare at the top volume in the car while I sing along (it's best if fellow drivers can't hear me, LOL). When I saw the video I was surprised, he looks like a 15 year old kid? I just wasn't expecting him, I guess, heh.

AC/DC, "Thunderstruck" - I had to end with this one just to throw you off. How many of you Vegas peeps think of hockey whenever you hear this song? I can't help but think of the Las Vegas Thunder whenever I hear this - I used to go to their games quite a bit way back, but this team's storm lost it's luster and the team went defunct some time ago.


Alissa said...

I also go through cycles of music genres, but I do sometimes go to country! :)

It's so funny that you mention "Thunderstruck" and hockey (it's even funnier to me to mention hockey and Las Vegas in the same breath). When my high school team was at it's high (we did yield Darby Hendrickson and a couple others to the league afterall), Thunderstruck was frequently played at our games. Good times:)

An80sNut said...

You are right. They don't play X's version of "Wild Thing" often at all. Too bad it wasn't pushed harder after the movie did well.

"Summertime" is just a great song that reminds you of when hip-hop/rap was about enjoyment as much as showing how 'hardcore' you were. There are so few artists in this area that want to bring that back.

I find it funny that you post "Thunderstruck" as it is my favorite song of AC/DC's. I think it's the manic opening with the chanting and the drums building. I remember hearing it often at hockey games in Vegas mainly when we had the Las Vegas Thunder as a team. It was just fitting.