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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's In My Head

Our water bill almost tripled over the last three months... we've done our duty to find a leak and are 99.9% certain there isn't one. So now we're at the mercy of the water company to find the problem, i.e., water meter problem, bad meter reading, something. There is definitely a problem, as it's saying we used more than double the water than we used in the same months as last year. It's just not possible. They were supposed to come today and leave a note at what they found and there's no note. Sigh.

Madison's daycare had an outside gymnastics organization come in to do a class with them yesterday, it was their second visit in the last month. In talking about it last night, she very matter-of-factly told me she'd decided she wants to go back to gymnastics. Literally, she said "I've made my decision, sign me up." She cracks me up, it really is like talking to myself. So we're going to try the gymnastics again.

The new route I went last night is exactly 3 miles, which is only one tenth a mile more than I've been doing. I was hurting last night and really thought I'd walked farther than that? Probably just sore because I could walk it faster, it's all sidewalk. The path I'd been taking is mostly horse trail.

I wore my contacts for five hours today, and they were so comfortable! Getting them in was interesting but it only took me a few tries. I didn't want to take them out but the doctor had said it's important to ease into them every day for the first week. It was cool on my drive to work this morning, I could actually like...read street signs. I know that sounds bad, but I grew up in Vegas, so I know where I'm going most of the time.

I had lunch with two of my former coworkers today, and it was really nice to spend time with them. These guys took me fresh out of college with little experience and gave me the foundation for everything I know today about network administration... and it's never a dull moment with these guys.


Ken said...

On the water bill, have you tried shutting off all the water and seeing if the meter is still moving? Also, in North Las Vegas, there is a small issue with them not reading the meter when they should which is throwing some folks into new tiers.

LoraLoo said...

Ken: Yeah, ours has that flow meter on the water meter, and we did that test... no leaks. It's really crazy - we went from like 6k gallons a month to 6k gallons in 9 days according to the meter. There's just no way.

An80sNut said...

Broken meters do happen. I had a friend that purchased a 4-unit collection of condos near Cashman Field. He had a several years of what he considered normal water bills. Suddenly he has a $4,000 water bill (more than 4x his highest bill.) He called and asked them to come investigate the change. The water company demanded their payment. They threatened shutting his water off (not good for the tenants.) When someone finally came out and checked the meter, they found it broken. They fixed it but an apology over the issue, threats or demands... never came.

Fred said...

Good luck with the water folks. I watch our bill pretty close, too, because the price they charge has really gone up over the years.

Good start with the contacts. Someday, I may get brave enough to try them again. I'll have to see how it goes with you.

JoeinVegas said...

Wow - you can actually read the street signs?