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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Addictions Continue

We all know how dangerous I am in any place selling music, movies, electronics, blah blah. You get the idea... I'm a total music freak and complete geek. I know I should stay away from dangerous places such as Best Buy or Fry's... even Circuit City can be a bad, bad, place for someone like me. I'd like to say it's the fault of the guys I spend most of my lunch hours with, but that wouldn't be fair. Often it's all about me (and it always is, ya know). So yesterday I announced that's where I wanted to go for lunch today, and all I was going to buy was ONE thing. I wanted to pick up Batman Begins, because that movie kicks ass and they released a special edition. Coworker S. noted he wanted to hit Circuit City, too. Okay, why not... right?

Before I list everything I purchased, I want to note I spent only $44.00 of my own money, because I had gift cards to use. :)

I left Best Buy with Batman Begins and 21. Nice, I did okay there... and then we went to Circuit City. I left there with Valley Girl (OMG, like totally, I was so excited to find that for $3.99), Korn's CD titled Issues and Train's CD titled For Me, It's You.

I know, I need more CDs like I need a labotomy. But is there really such a thing as too much music in one's library?
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Ken said...

Well, nice pick ups. I need to be careful as well. My trick anymore is either not to go, or go with a list. The guilt of crossing the "list" usually keeps me from straying.

Angi said...

let me know how korn's cd is. I loved them on the family values tour - them and limp bizkit.

JoeinVegas said...

That's why you got that 40gig Ipod, so you do need more music to fill it up.

Nik said...

Kudos on the purchases. Too much music? psshhhh I wanna do lunch with you guys. ;)

LoraLoo said...

Ken: I wish I actually had guilt for crossing the list line, LOL

Angi: the Korn CD is pretty good, but in my limited Korn knowledge, it's not their best.

Joe: I have an 80GB ipod, and I'm now out of space. :( A new one, someday...

Nik: Well come on down, let's do lunch! :)