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Friday, June 20, 2008

What's On My iPod

All this week I've been listening to Journey and Van Halen on the shuffle during my walk. Why? Dunno. Just moved all I have for both artists to the workout playlist and ran with it. I picked up the new Journey CD (thanks Martin, for the recommendation!). It seriously kicks ass!

Anyway, I'm doing an almost all Journey and Van Halen video selection this week. Enjoy!

Journey - "Faithfully" - My all-time favorite Journey song, hands down. I have great warm and fuzzy memories attached to this song.

Journey - "Don't Stop Believing" - Had to include a video with their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda. He has a seriously incredible voice. Close enough to a Steve Perry sound to sing the classics very well, yet distinct enough to have his own voice.

Van Halen - "When It's Love" - I've posted about the age-old argument of Sammy vs. David, but Sammy wins in my book. This is one of my favorites.

Van Halen - "Jump" - Well ya know I still gotta give Dave some love. Although the 1984 album is when I actually discovered Van Halen, I still enjoy some of the classics before then... but it's really hard to find quality video from then posted online. So I'm giving you my favorite from 1984.

This last video - not quite the music video you might expect... Maddy and I went to watch Breana's dance recital rehearsal, and Madison decided to dance along with the kids on stage from the audience. This from the girl who stopped going to dance class because she refused to actually dance. I wasn't actually thinking about how it might appear when I was filming so the picture goes sideways (and of course I don't have video editing software... anymore...but that's a whole other show). But you'll still get a kick out of it:

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

mark this day down in history - I have all the songs you are playing on your ipod. That's rare. Usually I feel so unhip when I read your list.

Too funny about Maddy!

Alissa said...

Wow! That brings back memories.

There is just no replacing Steve Perry-although I prefer him without the "pornstache".

Alex's favorite song is "Jump"-he's a big Van Halen fan.

JoeinVegas said...

Oh - the Dave hair and strut.

Nik said...

Love all your iPod tunes, "Faithfully" is my fave by Journey too. Jeff Scott Soto did an awesome job at lead vocals for them too.

The video is hilarious. I don't care much for that song, but it's definitely catchy. It's tough to not dance to. Did this spark any interest in her getting back into dance class?