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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Update

It was seriously damn hot this weekend, however - you won't hear any complaints out of me!! It did start that time of year where anything outdoors with Madison happens early in the day or not at all. Yesterday she spent some time with the in-laws and a cousin she doesn't get to spend much time with, and then later in the day we all met for lunch and a Father's Day celebration. It also happens to be my father-in-law's birthday, so the girls helped bake a cake. Here they are icing it:

Father's Day started with a brunch celebration at the Paiute Golf Course... the whole clan got together and pretty much took over the dining room there, and breakfast was awesome. Here's Madison and Breana in their natural state:

After we all ate our fill and took a slew of pictures, we were off to go bowling. It was Madison's first time, and she did pretty good with the bumpers up, she scored a 67 on her first game. By the middle of the second game Madison was pretty much done, but I expected that. We were there in time for cosmic bowling where they turn the lights down, play some upbeat music and make the pins all funny colors. We played two games, and YES, I won them both!!

Even with all the excitement today I was still able to give Dallas his biannual bath (Maddy helped) and I completely reorganized Maddy's bedroom. That felt really goooooood. One project taken off my to-do list!

I am wishing a Happy Father's Day to all it applies to!!!


Fred said...

Wow...I'm tired just reading this post. You sure packed in quite a bit all in one day.

Nik said...

The girls look like they have such a great time together. Maddy did pretty good for her first time bowling.

Are there any pictures of Dallas' bath? Wet kitty pictures crack me up.

BeckEye said...

It was damn hot this weekend here too, and I did lots of complaining. Mostly because I have no AC in my place.

Alissa said...

I'm pretty sure that I also bowled a 67 last time I went....about 2 weeks ago! :)

Teleolurian said...

I gots a trenchcoat! In black!

...obviously, my family considers burying bodies at night in the desert to be a serious hobby.