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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Vacation Part 2

Today we finally got rolling out of the hotel room at like 11:15 - we'd slept until just after 9:00 (I wish that was true at home and not due to a time change!). A bunch of family met over at Aunt Sue/Uncle Gary's house so we visited all day. I have a second cousin that's about Madison's age whom she got to play with and they had an absolute blast. A few of us took a small walk down to Minnehaha Falls, and despite the wind today, it was sunny and much warmer. Here's a picture:

You'll notice white stuff on the back wall... uh yeah, that's not Oreo filling, it's ice.

The next couple of days we'll still be visiting family, and on Monday we're going to the Zoo!


Vegas Princess said...

Oooo such a pretty picture! I love waterfalls! And I was going to ask if you frolicked in the falls until the ice comment stopped me cold. :)

Fred said...

Beautiful waterfall. Was the water warm enough to dip in a toe or two?

BTW, I think I fixed the pictures on my recent post (fingers crossed) so feel free to try it again.

JoeinVegas said...

Our pool temp is up to 80f.

Teleolurian said...

That is a totally awesome picture and you should make a poster.