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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Win, Lose and Draw

As you probably know, I grew up in Vegas, so all of my dating history is pretty much right here. Having said that, there are plenty of times I find this big city to be a pretty small town, cause it's pretty amazing how many times I run in to someone I know but haven't seen in a long time.

I pondered today about last night's post, running into past boyfriends, and wondered if I had examples of win, lose AND draw. Actually, I do.

There is one guy I dated my senior year in high school... I'll withhold the names to protect the innocent... and we dated for about two years. He was sweet and I am pretty sure he intended to marry me, but 1) I knew I wasn't marrying young and 2) I knew he wasn't going anywhere, so I bailed. He married the next girl that came along (which is incidentally, my life story) and had a child within the next year. He never really chose a career and has had trouble keeping employment, the marriage is still there but from what I understand it's not ideal and he's pretty much pushing 40 still pretending he's 20. So here, I think it's safe to say I won. :)

About 8 years ago I had an old boyfriend look me up on Classmates.com and asked for a friendly lunch. I've known him since the 8th grade and he'd had a crush on me, and we dated very briefly my junior year in high school. Funny how things turn around - by high school I was the one with the crush! So anyway, he decided to date someone else back then and we stayed friends. At lunch I learned he went to an Ivy League college, married his college sweetheart and had this most fabulous life - and he was a lawyer at a local corporate law firm. I dunno if his personal life was or is all he made it to be, but I had just finished college and was still working to get ahead... The only thing I have to say in my favor from that lunch is he was SUCH a snob (whereas he hadn't been) so at least life hadn't made me some pretentious ass.

My very first boyfriend and I had lost touch for about 10 or 12 years, and one day I walked into a sports memorabilia store only to find him there as the owner. We'd broken up badly (but hey were were like 15/16, so what do you expect). We caught up some and I found he was enjoying success and happiness. He was friendly and genuinely wanted to know all about how I was doing and hoped I was happy! He's living in another state now and we catch up via email now and again, but he's still enjoying career success, life luxuries and personal happiness. So this one I consider a draw.


Cyndiblock Talk said...

I never really had a boyfriend until I got to college. I used to "scam" (ewwww) a lot but no serious boyfriends. When I knew you I did see this really cute boy a year younger than us named Jeff. He had amazing eyes and last I heard he joined the navy. The boy I was seeing my senior year was a Junior at UNLV and he was ashamed to be seen with me because I was still in high school. We still chat every now and then. But all the tears and emotion I wasted on him seems so silly now that I am actually married to my true love!!!

Teleolurian said...

If anybody from Vo-Tech tries to look me up I will kill them in the face with a gun that shoots icepicks.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

That was fun to read! Question - how old were you when you got married and how did you and Karl meet??

Nik said...

Those are some pretty interesting dating stories Lora and it's cool that you were able to come up one of each.

The second guy sounds like could fall into the loser category though. He might have all those things going for him, but if he acts like a snob (read douchebag), then who the hell cares what he has. And because he is a snob, he probably just told you how great and wonderful his life is, just to keep up the facade (and that's me being incredibly judgemental).

An80sNut said...

Face it... you won in each of those instances. B) You have an amazing life, a great relationship with your husband and beautiful daughter.