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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I had such a busy and productive Sunday - and although lazy Sundays are something so fabulous, the productive ones are what makes you appreciate the lazy ones.

Maddy and I ran a few errands, which included getting my car washed. I'd been seriously mocked about it's dirty state last week, and it really was bad. Funny part - Madison had rolled her window down to talk to the attendant when we paid, and apparently hadn't rolled it up all the way. Although she didn't get wet, the entire door, the seat around her and the floor got pretty soaked. Oh well, the back seat needs some serious soap anyway.

I took everything out of my kitchen cabinets today, scrubbed the shelves down, got rid of a buttload of junk and rearranged what was left to put away. I can't tell you how wonderful that spring cleaning felt - it'd been glaring at me for a couple of months! I can't believe it... I can actually FIND what I need in the kitchen. As I've mentioned a gazillion times before, I'm the unorganized clean freak - so when I accomplish both, I'm one happy camper.

I'm trying to get Madison more involved in the kitchen, so I let her season some chicken breasts this evening for dinner. Uh yeah... that might have been a little mistake:

There really is chicken under all that - it was actually pretty good, I got some of that seasoning off, but our dinner required a lot of water to go with it! Notice how her doll in the picture is giving you the up-skirt shot - man I thought I got her the baby Cinderella doll, not the baby Britney doll!


JoeInVegas said...

Yea, I still can hear E saying 'Me help!'
Teach her right.

Teleolurian said...

I see both breasts and thigh in that picture.

New White Keds said...

I have some cupboards that could use your help when you get the minute. We can call it a girls day in!

Well-seasoned meat is nothing new to you, lol, now, is it? Good for her for being such a great helper in the kitchen!

Nik said...

Kudos on the motivation to get some spring cleaning done on a Sunday, of all days. Laundry's about the only thing I accomplish on Sundays.

I applaud Madison for her help with dinner, but my ateries instantly clogged just looking at all that seasoning. It's cool that she wanted to help though.

Ken said...

Look at Madison helping in the kitchen! I bet you needed water with your meal...

Angi said...

you are seriously a clean freak. I don't know how you do it, but I could sure use your help here. Between nearly 4000 sq feet, me and cancer - I can hardly keep the place clean let alone clean more than a room at a time.
In fact right now I am fuming mad, and seriously red from being pissed off as I walked into Natalie's room to grab her bedding to wash. She's been telling me the last week it's clean. She's going to come home and not just have a sore ass, but find several bags of crap I've decided to throw away.
And to think she hasn't even hit her teenager years. She keeps it up like this and she just might not. ::of course that's the anger talking::
ever feel a need to visit beautiful Lousiana you have a dirty house you can always stay in for free in exchange for some of your services, lol = )
oh, forgot to mention I am doing all this on a badly sprained ankle - the dog spun me around, knocked me over running behind me to get out the door to go chase this woodpecker I was trying to get a picture of.
sometimes I swear somebody hates me!

An80sNut said...

Great to involve her in the kitchen. I do worry about the doll though. B)