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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Singing You to Sleep

The Man (the one who signs my paycheck) was cracking the whip today... my thoughts are weak and tired, and I'm already pondering what I'll have to do tomorrow. Lucky for me, Madison asked me if I'd video her singing a song. She starts out really strong, then you'll notice she gets a little preoccupied with her pretty princess pajamas, LOL. So, enjoy - I'm off to take a walk and then get to know my pillow a little better!


Teleolurian said...

That was so cute I think I might choke.

(ps- they're packing peanuts.)

Nik said...

Awww, thanks Madison (and mom for posting). Today's a dreary day and this video put a smile on my face. That's so adorable.

Sending some z's and relaxing vibes your way.

Molie said...

She's killing me with her cuteness.:)

Teri said...

Pictures just don't express how cute she is! She is adorable :)

Jen said...

yeah, I get distracted by MY pretty princess PJs, too. Happens to the best of us.