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Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Moonlighting Job

A good friend of mine and an awesome local photographer, Glenn Brogan, has recently asked me to be a contributor on his blog, and I'm so excited! I think he asked me because I seem to always have my own camera in hand, even though I'm on the other end of the photography talent spectrum, LOL. I am going to write blurbs about what's new with him from an outsider's perspective. It's cool for me because I get to use some of those old newspaper reporter-type skills that I haven't used in many years... growing up my dream job was to be a reporter in print or on TV, and was my first major in college (not to mention I was on the school newspaper staff from the 3rd grade on). Soooo, having said that and adding some personal pressure to the task, go visit his blog at Beyond Pairadice Studios and show him some love! My first contribution will be there soon. You can also visit his website and portfolios at beyondpairadice.com.


Teleolurian said...

That's actually pretty awesome. Bon chance!

Nik said...

That's too cool and I hope you have fun with this. I like this guy's pics too.