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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clark County Fair

We had a blast at the fair today... I'll give you a little taste of it via pictures:

As soon as we arrived we went on a ride, and it was probably the best one all day:

A little while later we definitely needed cold drinks and food. Madison had the biggest corn dog I've ever seen, smothered in mustard (and so was her face):

Of course there were more rides to enjoy:

I got to see the pig races!

We also got to see a lot of animals. Here Madison is looking at a baby donkey and its Mommy. She wanted it to get up, but it was sleeping!

There was a HUGE pig with quite the impressive brood of piglets, Madison got to pet one and was just beside herself with glee:

It was a hot day up there in Logandale, so I'm glad we went early, because by 3:00 we were all toast and called it a day. How funny I'm saying that was hot, because it probably didn't even hit 90 degrees - it's going to get a lot more like Dante's Inferno around here before long.

I'll tell you a funny story...Right about the time we were ooohing and ahhing over the piglets, I heard this horrible, drunken rendition of Kiss' "Rock-n-Roll All Nite" coming loudly from behind, and as I turned around, I went through quite a myriad of emotions. First it was repulsion, because someone was seriously murdering the song, and it went to shock because the singer was probably not even old enough to drink legally. I certainly wasn't expecting someone so young to be singing a song from when *I* was only 5 years old, thus I became thoughtful about how music is truly timeless. I was moved to depression for just a moment, because WOW I felt geriatric right then, but then I was just amused, because I've been that kid, LOL.

Of course there are more pictures at Flickr. :)


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Baby pigs are one of the cutes animals ever. It looks like you all had fun. I love county fairs!

Vegas Princess said...

Aww I wanna go! Looks like lots and lots of fun. I love fairs and have not been to one since we moved out here. They are huge back east in and especially in the Midwest. I love seeing all the animals and competition entires. I will have to make a point to go next year now that I know Clark County has one. (I am assuming this one ended this weekend)

New White Keds said...

I was at the fair Thrusday night for the Emerson Drive concert, so we did not get to see too much of the good stuff, i.e., the pigs! Going to college in Fresno, I am accustomed to HUGE fairs with lots of animals. I found Logandale to be a little disappointing. BUT, I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to see it through the eyes of a wee one; not that Maddy is too wee anymore. But you know.

Glad you had fun!

Teleolurian said...

I think if I found someone singing a Kiss song I would punch them in the throat, immediately. But not if it was during pig races, which I just learned existed by reading your last post and which must be the most wonderful thing ever.

Ken said...

I was a regular at the Erie County fair, the second largest County Fair in the US, while I was in High School. This looks like a lot of fun and we'll definitely have to keep this in mind next year!

Nik said...

Even if the Tilt-A-Whirl was the only fun ride, county fairs are so much fun. Pig races are really fun, especially if the spectators really get into it.

Cyndiblock Talk said...

Your pictures of the pigs are better than mine!!! We had a ot of fun. You look amazing. You are so skinny!!