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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yay! It's Spring!!

Today at lunch I took a walk at a park near the office. A couple of guys from the office played tennis and since I suck at tennis, I watched for a few then decided it was a beautiful day for a walk. It's not often I find myself walking without some kind of distraction - usually I have company, or a movie, and most of all music... but today, it was just me and the surrounding stimuli. Spring is here, and it's sooooo beautiful out, it was almost a crime to come back to work. I heard birds, kids playing, people talking. Not a bad way to spend a lunch hour.

I'm so thankful Spring is officially here tomorrow.


Nik said...

I never woulda made it back to the office, if I were you. What a way to kick back and enjoy the weather though. I can't wait to get back to outdoor activities. It's still not warm enough here. We still have unmelted snowhills to get rid of.
Have a happy first day of Spring!

New White Keds said...

Just came in the house form planting flowers for the courtyard, and watering them, and picking up a bit. Both the front and back doors are open allowing a crossbreeze through the screens... I love this time of year -- hate to think it will end soon. Let's take Maddy to Discovery Park soon!

Teleolurian said...

They still have seasons? You woulda thought it would have shown up on slashdot or something.

BeckEye said...

I'm still waiting for Spring to be sprung up here. It was insanely windy today.