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Friday, February 22, 2008

What's On My iPod

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Missed Opportunity - I didn't appreciate these guys until I was in my late 20's, but at least it wasn't a 'missed opportunity' to get into their music. Better late than never. :)

Madness - It Must Be Love - I've been waiting forever to catch this video on YouTube. Definitely Madness' best, IMO, and a very sweet, upbeat love song. I'm finally over Levi's using it for a commercial...

Fuel - Shimmer - I didn't realize this band had enough hits to have a "best-of" compilation, but they do... and I downloaded it today. So far, I'm pleasantly surprised. I do, however, remember this hit very well.

NIN - Down In It - You'll find this song in my driving mix, it's perfect for really loud, really fast.

Madonna - Rain - I haven't cared much for her music for a long, long time now. But the old stuff? Pretty damn good. Right around this album and the Bedtime Stories album were the last where I really enjoyed her music. Even Ray of Light only had one, maybe two good songs... and then after that she pretty much lost me.


Molie said...

I heart Madness. I love that even when some of their songs lyrics are sorta dark the music is bouncy and cheery.

Also love Hall & Oates. They were my first concert experience. 'Til Tuesday opened for them.

An80sNut said...

"It Must Be Love" is one one of those perfect songs. Got it for my karaoke collection.

I've always enjoyed Hall & Oates and "Missed Opportunity" is one of those songs of theirs that you don't hear often enough. I remember seeing them live outdoors at Caesars Palace years back.

Ahhh... "Down In It." I remember the video very well as it debuted on MTV's 120 Minutes in 1989. (Yes, they made the 80s artist cut-off.) It was a few weeks after seeing the video that KUNV played a song of theirs called "Sin" which reminded me of a darker New Order. I wound up reviewing it for the high school paper shortly after. Good memories. Played that cassette to death in my car because the bass hit hard. B)