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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday night we had Amy and Ken over for dinner. The food and the company was, as usual, fabulous. They brought Sonio's Cafe with them and it was goooooooood! I'd purchased the Wii Carnival game (I know, I had a weak spending moment) earlier that day with the idea we'd do that after Madison went to bed... but the conversation was so nice, and we were all so sunk in our seats to move.

This afternoon we celebrated my nephew Jaydon's 2nd birthday at Peter Piper Pizza. There are plenty of photos at Flickr, but here's my favorite:

It was confirmed for me today that there will never be another birthday party for Maddy at the house (as if there was ever any question). It seemed pretty stress-free, and that's the best kind of party!

The Carnival game certainly isn't going to waste for the weekend, we decided to try to get Madison involved with the Wii and this seemed the perfect game to start with. She's got quite the arm on her, she is kicking everyone's butt on the Ka-Pow game, where you knock clown faces over with a ball, and the horse race game? She's amazing.

We had to buy Madison a new mattress set today, as she somehow, overnight, grew too tall for her toddler bed. How does that happen? It won't be here until next weekend, and I'm good with that, because she's resistant to change (no clue where she gets that, heh). We've got a week to wrap her head around the idea.

What were you up to this weekend?


Vegas Princess said...

Trying not to kill my co-workers as usual.

What is the name of that Carnival game for the Wii. Sounds like something me and hubby would love.

Ken said...

Too bad we didn't get to try out that carnival game, but last night was a lot of fun.

It was nice not to have to do much this weekend, today especially. We needed a down weekend.

ScrapAddictNV said...

I don't know how "girlie" Madison is, but when Nat outgrew her toddler bed, I told her that we were going to buy this beautiful princess bed (we had bouthg a whole bedroom set from Ashely). By time the delivery came (6 weeks later!) she was so excited.
So try that method, plus there is always picking out new sheets and blankets, which can be fun. Whenever we would buy new bed stuff, we would also decorate the room with either stencilling or those wall clingers. Just a though to make it fun for her.

We recently bought her a new mattress, as the twin was getting too small. they grow so fast!

so you finally got carnival....that's a good one, another is mario party 8, thos are my two favorites out of all we have - other than the Guitar Hero. Have you tried that? It is an addiction - so bad that we have 2 guitars for the wii, and 2 guitar with GHII & GHIII for the 360, we're wating to get our second guitar for rockband on the PS3. I won't even try rockband yet, it whipped me bad last time - but I'm mastering the guitar! You should try it!

Nik said...

Ha-- that's such a cute picture of the girls. Gotta love those cheesy ear-to-ear grins.

The "not a little girl anymore, so we have to get you a big girl bed" speech won't work with Maddy? I'm sure she'll come around when she sees how much more room she's got in her new bed.

Teri said...

I really enjoy the carnival game, it is a lot of fun.

We had an issue with Josh switching to his "big boy bed" as it took a lot of tears and a few sleepless nights. I have a feeling it will be worse with Jacob :) Good luck!

Teleolurian said...

I'm going to have to post about it soon. Let's just say Monday morning involved apologies and three guys with blisters on their arms.