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Friday, January 25, 2008

What's On My iPod

The Monte Carlo fire made for an interesting travel day... I was on my way back from Pahrump when the fire started, and I got stuck in the traffic mess. At least the afternoon was pretty relaxing! I'm just glad nobody was seriously injured.

Joss Stone - Tell Me What We're Gonna Do... This is a really sweet, up-beat love song, and it features Common. I'm so excited because she's going to be at the Joint in the Hard Rock at the end of March, and I got tickets tonight!

Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You - Don't think I have anything else from this band, but I remember hearing this in clubs a lot in the 90's. (Wayyyy back when, LOL)

Shannon - Let the Music Play - The freestyle genre is one of my favorites, this is a classic example.

Stevie B - Spring Love - Another freestyle singer - this stuff was playing a lot from the huge "must listens" playlist today. I saw Stevie B. in concert right after I graduated from high school, he was here with New Edition and New Kids on the Block. I can't believe I just admitted I went to a concert that included New Kids on the Block. Shhh...don't tell anyone. I've been looking for Stevie B videos on You Tube forever, glad to see there are finally some there.

Oran Juice Jones - The Rain - This song didn't play on my iPod today, but it has been going through my head all.day.long! I love the tirade he has at the end... "You without me is like cornflakes without the milk!" LOL

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An80sNut said...

That's kinda scary that the last two have been on episodes of the podcast. hahaha. But Shannon's "Let The Music Play" is purely a fun dance tune. Hard to not like it.

You saw NKOTB live?! In person? It's explaining a lot. B) Probably getting tickets for their reunion tour, huh? hahaha