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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Update

Let's just get this out of the way... the Cowboys handed a playoff win to the Giants. Penalties along with failure to take advantage of any mistakes the Giants might have made cost them the game. Honestly, they could have just phoned in plays from Hawaii, because penalties were canceling out any progress. I was pretty foul for about an hour after the game, but I'm all good at this point... so now I'm just hoping the Chargers take down the Patriots before the Super Bowl, because how boring if we have to watch them again!

Last night we celebrated Amy's birthday at Samba, a Brazilian steakhouse at the Mirage. It was a carb watcher's dream of a meal. I don't know that I've had so many varieties of meat at once (I think the phrase of the evening was meat-heaven, right Amy? Heh!) Dinner was filled with great food and even better company, and afterward we all went back to Amy and Ken's place for some Wii fun. I got my butt handed to me at bowling, and the guys all broke a sweat trying out the boxing. Today (Sunday) is her birthday, so stop by her place and wish her a happy birthday!

Madison seems to have a bit of a cold (again - or perhaps the first didn't go away, I'm hearing that is happening a lot this year). So today we did get a few errands done but the day was pretty low-key. Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow.


Otto said...

Yeah, I did not expect the Cowboys or Colts to lose this weekend. Truthfully, I expected the Cowboys to get to the Super Bowl. I can't say I was as certain about the Colts. Despite my allegiances behind them, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Foxboro.

I do not expect any team to beat New England. I think they will go 19-0.

Vegas Princess said...

I wish charming and I could have been there for Amy's party. Darn stupid work...

I won't say anything about the football talk lest we get into a smackdown! :)

An80sNut said...

Multiple ways to serve meat... this sounds like a low-carb dieter's dream. I'm going to have it stuck in my head for awhile now.