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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

King Kandy is a Pusher

Madison is addicted to Candyland. Full-blown addiction! When we get up in the morning, she asks to play. After we get home, she asks to play. After dinner, yup... she wants to play. Weekends? Fuggetaboutit. It's all she thinks about when we're at home. You can't just play one game, either. Ohhhh no, we've got a two-game minimum for each session. I even bought Chutes and Ladders to divert some attention from the addiction and give us some much needed variety. She didn't even blink an eye when she explained "It's just not Candyland, Mommy."

I need an intervention, or I may stab myself in the eye with a gingerbread man.


Teleolurian said...

I feel your pain. Candyland has got to be the most boring game ever invented, though Chutes and Ladders runs a close second. To keep our son off of the sweets, we got him Gulo Gulo and Abalone, and we've got a crokinole board on the way.

Gulo Gulo still runs dry, but for a while it was the best compromise we had. Stand strong!

Nik said...

Ya know, I happen to love Candyland! My nephews are all too old for that game now, so I've nobody to play with. They're in the Battleship phase now. I can honestly say that I'd probably get bored with Candyland after a while too, though.